Getting Involved

Joe Ricketts is concerned about the future of our country. He believes that good citizenship requires active involvement in the formation of public policy and, therefore, supports organizations, candidates, and elected officials who respect the principles of our nation's founding and history. He is committed to advocating for a responsible government that promotes freedom, fosters free enterprise, and encourages individual opportunity.

Ending Spending

Ricketts founded a non-partisan advocacy organization in 2010 called Taxpayers Against Earmarks that is widely credited with bringing about the current ban on Congressional earmarking. With this battle under its belt, the group expanded its focus to the broader fiscal challenges facing the country, changing its name to Ending Spending to reflect a more expansive mandate. With the nation facing a debt of more than $15 trillion, Ending Spending advocates for a balanced federal budget. Ending Spending's award-winning website connects engaged citizens with their elected officials to bring about its goals of smarter spending decisions and a smaller federal government.

Ricketts also founded the Ending Spending Action Fund, a political action committee registered with the Federal Election Commission. The Ending Spending Action Fund independently advocates for the election or defeat of candidates on the basis of a particular candidate's position on fiscal issues, regardless of party affiliation.

Visit EndingSpending.com

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