You might have read that my wife and I are supporting Future45 in its opposition to Secretary Clinton’s presidential campaign.  I didn’t make this decision quickly or lightly.  In fact, it’s no secret that I’ve had my concerns about Mr. Trump.

But there’s a stark reality that I can’t ignore: our country is headed down an unsustainable path that is eroding future opportunity.  The people walking us down this path have lost sight of the fact that it is the free enterprise system that has produced the opportunity, jobs, and innovation that have made the United States the greatest country in the world.  Higher taxes and government orchestrated wealth distribution is a shortsighted and unsustainable strategy. New businesses started by entrepreneurs drive economic expansion, and economic expansion raises the standard of living for everyone in a lasting and meaningful way.

I truly believe that four more years of the Obama-Clinton economic policies will further cripple our economy and the middle class. So while I had my differences with Mr. Trump in the primary, I believe that he and Mike Pence represent a better way forward, especially when teamed with Speaker Ryan and Senator McConnell.

For me, this election comes down to a binary choice between extending the failed Obama-Clinton economic policies and believing that Messrs. Trump and Pence bring fresh thinking to how we can reignite the engines of economic opportunity.  Given that choice, I’m supporting the Trump-Pence ticket as well as other leaders who will advance pragmatic, positive financial policies to promote our future prosperity.

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