Image of Ricketts family on Chicago Cubs field

Watching the World Series, I kept thinking how baseball is a game of moments.  The moment when the pitcher releases the ball.  The moment the batter swings at, or takes the pitch.  The moment the infielder dives for a catch.

How the players respond to these moments produces opportunities and challenges.  And watching all this, I realized it’s a lot like life.

It’s no secret that while my four children and wife are avid baseball fans who bleed Cubbie blue, I’ve never been a sports buff.  But over the past six months, as I watched the Cubs seize opportunities and battle through challenges, as I watched the fans cheer for their young heroes, I felt so proud to be associated with this amazing team and their incredible fans.  And seeing the enthusiasm of the fans and exciting play on the field, I’m proud to say that I’m now a fan of the game, and a huge fan of these amazing Cubbies.

The players, who left it all on the field, and the fans, who have faithfully hung with the Cubs through thick and thin, they are heroes to me.  And now that we’ve finally claimed the prize that has eluded us for so long, I find myself eagerly looking forward to next year because I know Tom, Peter, Laura, and Todd will be back at it, doing everything they can to keep the magic happening at Wrigley.

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