Image of WWII Museum

Last week I was pleased to attend the National World War II Museum’s American Spirit Awards Gala in New Orleans.  It’s an event that celebrates individuals and organizations whose work reflects the values and spirit of those who served our country during the World War II years. The museum’s gala honors people who inspire others through their own acts of courage, sacrifice, initiative, and generosity – sounds like the right people to honor in my opinion.

I love the National World War II Museum and I’m proud that my son Todd serves on the museum’s Board of Trustees.  I also love the city of New Orleans, where one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Loretta, founded and runs her fantastic pralines store.

The National World War II Museum is a truly amazing place with towering buildings that house interactive exhibits with aircraft and tanks from WWII.  There’s also a Higgins boat; the Nebraska-made landing craft extensively used during the war for amphibious landings. 

Among those honored at the gala were former Vice President Dick Cheney and former Senator Joe Lieberman. The two men, who last appeared on stage as vice-presidential nominees for their respective parties in 2000, exemplify leadership and service to country.  It was a refreshing discussion between two leaders who, while they may be from different political parties, share the view of America as an indispensable nation.

The National World War II Museum is a terrific place that honors some of our greatest heroes.  If you’ve not seen it yet, I encourage you to make the trip – it’s worth it!

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