Image of Pilot

I’ve been lucky my whole career to work with great people.  In fact, in my upcoming book, The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get, I talk a lot about how Ameritrade would not have been the success it was if it weren’t for the many great people who helped to build it.

I’m still lucky to work with great people today, including the team that operates and maintains my plane.  Captains Charles Van Allen, Steve Kerby, and Lee Van Den Broeke, and Maintenance Manager Andrew Harris, are the best.  They’re pros who I trust with my life, and the lives of my family. 

So I wanted to share an amazing story about one of them – Captain Kerby – who recently was truly heroic.  While on vacation with his family in St. Lucia, Captain Kerby and another man found a woman floating face down in the water.  She was lifeless. 

Thank God Captain Kerby was trained in CPR because he was able to revive the woman, who eventually began coughing up water.  The woman was then taken to a local hospital and, miraculously, it looks like she will survive. 

Real heroes rarely think of themselves as heroic and Captain Kerby is no exception.  But in my mind, Captain Kerby is a hero and I am honored to work with him and people of his exceptional caliber.

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