High Plains Bison

High Plains Bison grew out of Joe Ricketts' belief that consumers shouldn't have to choose between good eating and good health. Founded by Ricketts in 2003, High Plains Bison produces a variety of all natural bison products, all of which are exceptionally low in fat and cholesterol – so low that many of its cuts are certified by the American Heart Association as "heart healthy" food. The bison are produced under strict guidelines assuring individual animal identification, feed source verification, authentication of animal care and husbandry, and all other facets of food safety and animal welfare.

High Plains Bison products are all natural – no hormones, fillers, antibiotics or artificial ingredients. Its meat is 100% USDA certified. Tended by ranchers who specialize in and understand the unique demands of bison, the company's herds are humanely raised on the high plains of North America, where bison were meant to roam, and handled with the utmost care. High Plains Bison supplies the official lean meat of the Chicago Cubs, offering its plump bison dogs and juicy bison burgers at Wrigley Field. The full range of High Plains Bison products is available through select club stores, specialty and high-end grocers nationwide, and online at

Visit about video is New York and Chicago's leading online neighborhood news source, covering Manhattan's neighborhoods with ten separate verticals that focus on neighborhoods from Washington Heights to Hell's Kitchen. Conceived and founded by Joe Ricketts in 2009, delivers up-to-the-minute reports on entertainment, education, politics, crime, sports, and dining from a team of award-winning journalists who find the stories – big and small – that matter most to New Yorkers.

As a web pioneer who used the power of digital technology to reinvent the financial services sector, Ricketts has long focused on finding new ways of distributing news, information, and advertising. He established on the following principles:

  • - News stories should be told by journalists who rely on facts, not spin.
  • - News reporting should be useful, fun, and fearless.
  • - A nimble news operation available across all digital platforms can attract viewers and make money.

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The American Film Company

Inspired by the power of film to engage – and believing that films can both entertain and change the way audiences view our collective past – Joe Ricketts founded The American Film Company in 2008. Reflecting Ricketts' belief that true stories are often more compelling than fiction, TAFC aims to produce feature films that accurately portray extraordinary characters and events from American history. The company's first movie, "The Conspirator," recounted the story of Mary Surratt, the only woman charged in the plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. Directed by Robert Redford, "The Conspirator" was released in 2011. The company also produced "Parkland," which was released in 2013 and "Against The Sun," which will be released in 2015.

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Jackson Fork Lodge

An intimate, 4-bedroom lodge featuring luxury-casual accommodations, Joe Ricketts opened The Lodge at Jackson Fork Ranch to the public in 2008 as a place where vacationers can experience what "getting away from it all" really means. Guests enjoy creature comforts ranging from a roaring fire to indulgent gourmet cuisine, all served up with gracious Western hospitality.

The Lodge perches about a hundred feet up the north side of the Upper Hoback Valley. Down below, the Upper Hoback River carves its own way through wilderness where bison graze and guard their calves from returning wolves. Surrounded by the Gros Ventre, Wind River, and Wyoming mountains, this unspoiled paradise is a year-round recreational wonderland that includes world-class fishing in gold medal-rated rivers and streams as well as hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding in summer and snowmobiling and cross-country skiing in winter.

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