Joe Ricketts’ approach to philanthropy is like his approach to business – he actively engages in the creation and execution of innovative programs with far reaching goals.  Recognizing that private citizens play a critical role in our philanthropic ecosystem, Ricketts personally operates a wide range of charitable foundations that seek to make the world a better place with greater opportunities for all.

Opportunity Education

With its mission to enable young people worldwide to become value creators, Opportunity Education has developed the Quest Forward Learning system, a research-based approach to learning that activates lifelong curiosity in young people, cultivating the mindset, habits, and skills to succeed in life.

The Cloisters on the Platte

Based on the teachings of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Cloisters on the Platte is a spiritual weekend retreat open to men and women of all faiths that provides an incomparable opportunity for people to reflect peacefully on their lives and relationship with God. 

The Ricketts Art Foundation

The Ricketts Art Foundation’s mission is to enrich people’s lives by providing innovative access to the works of important visual, performing, and literary artists, both current and past. As its first project, The Foundation partnered with The Buffalo Bill Center of the West and the Museum of Mountain to create The Alfred Jacob Miller Online Catalogue.

The Ricketts Conservation Foundation

The Ricketts Conservation Foundation supports the conservation of wildlife and wilderness areas, promoting the importance of environmental stewardship as an enduring value. Underlying the Foundation’s mission is the belief that conservation is everyone’s responsibility. Current projects include The Swan Project and The Loon Restoration Project.