There are certain rites of passage in life – events like Baptisms, graduations, weddings, and retirement.  These are the moments when you pass from one phase of your life to the next.  At those times, the person passing through the rite of passage might reflect a little on his life.  Others might offer him congratulations.

So I’d like to congratulate my son Todd on his rite of passage this week when The New Yorker magazine wrote a profile about him and his work for President Trump.  Todd joins other conservative leaders who The New Yorker has attacked because they promote different values than the magazine or support political candidates the magazine doesn’t like.  The list includes people like Paul Singer, Charles and David Koch, Peter Thiel, Robert Mercer, and Foster Friess. 

I’m proud for Todd to join this list of principled conservatives and hope he keeps working hard to promote economic opportunity through deregulation and lower taxes.  Congratulations Todd!

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