Image of Bison walking in snow

The issues we’re facing because of the coronavirus couldn’t be more serious, but that doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to smile or laugh.  Well I smiled and laughed when I saw this clip of a Montana TV reporter setting up for a segment only to decide to get back in his car because of an approaching bison herd.  Not a bad idea.

Bison can be pretty intimating animals – males grow to about 10’ long and weigh about 2,000 pounds while females weigh closer to 1,200 pounds.  They pretty much do what they want to do and go where they want to go.  If a bison wants to wander off, it will walk right through a fence. 

For the bison I raise, I try to keep them happy so they choose not to wander off.  You can see from these photos of bison at my Wyoming ranch that it’s better to have happy bison around!

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